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Quality Windows for Installers and Homeowners

At Crosby Windows we fit UPVC tilt & turn windows, in addition to other styles of windows and doors. Based in Northern Ireland, we work for both trade customers and domestic and commercial consumers in the UK and Ireland.

Our windows are manufactured to extremely high standards, using Profile 22 UPVC frames, and are custom-made either a 67mm or 80mm outer frame in system 60 or system 70.

With over 20 years experience, we pride ourselves on providing products that are secure, thermally efficient and highly attractive. All of our windows and doors are subject to strict quality controls from our manufacturer at every stage of production.

Windows and Doors made by  Experienced Fabricators

In addition to high quality products, we also provide customer service and technical support that’s second to none. For more information on our tilt & turn windows and other product ranges, please continue to browse our website or contact us direct with your queries.

PVC Doors

Choosing the right door is never easy,. Not only is there a huge range of designs and styles available on the market today, but there’s also a great variance in the levels of security and thermal efficiency they offer.

Superior PVC Doors

Crosby Windows fit only expertly made and tailor-built products by highly experienced fabricators. Precision is essential and we use only the highest-grade UPVC components and high security hardware in all our doors as standard. In addition, our range of products are fitted with Safeware security hardware, accredited by the police’s Secure by Design initiative. Extra high security options are available for the security conscious.

Available in a wide range of styles and types and incorporating the best of traditional and modern design, they are available in a large range of colours and veneers.

Thermally Efficient
In addition to being highly secure, they have a high level of thermal efficiency, essential for reducing heating bills and a major plus for the environmentally friendly homeowner. Furthermore, UPVC is easy to clean and maintain and will not rot or crack due to weather and age.

All of our products are fabricated locally in Northern Ireland to the highest standard and under strict quality controls, and we are confident that our range is amongst the finest.

Casement Windows

With over 20 years in business Crosby Windows understands that customer requirements are always changing and with the introduction of our new fully sculptured system, we’re hoping to surpass these desires.

70mm Triple Glazed

The slim sightlines of our sculptured suite are designed to resemble traditional timber windows and with its 5 chamber, 70mm front to back design, our sculptured system minimises energy use in the home allowing us to reach u-values as low as 0.8w/m2k with our triple glazed option.

Safe and Secure

Security is always a primary concern. If you are a homeowner you want to ensure that your property and your family are safe. If you’re in the window distribution or installation trade then you want to be able to reassure your customers that what you sell them will keep their home secure.

Internal glazing and multi-point locking on windows and doors is standard on our sculptured range so you can rest assured that as criminals find new ways to gain entry, we’ll continue to develop our range so you’re suitably protected.

Quality Products

Home improvements can make a massive difference to a property, both visually and financially and the success of any project is going to depend on the quality of the product. So for real peace of mind it pays to choose a name you can trust …… Crosby Windows

Composite Doors

At Crosby Windows we specialise in UPVC composite doors and on first appearance it’s difficult to distinguish them from a traditional wooden door.

Composite doors are combination of materials put together to form a particularly strong design. Composite doors differ from PVC panel doors in that the sash is manufactured in one solid part rather than having a glazing aperture encompassing an in-fill panel or glass unit. It’s this construction that makes a composite door especially secure.

This kind of door is highly recommended for exterior doors as in addition to high levels of strength and security, they are also more weather resistant and easier to clean and maintain than traditional wooden doors. Furthermore, UPVC composite doors are more cost effective and offer excellent levels of thermal efficiency in comparison with traditional materials.

Quality UPVC Composite Doors

Crosby Windows have a wide range of composite doors. Made in Ireland and with an outstanding technical team our composite doors are second to none.

Our UPVC composite doors use high grade MONOCOQUE system. In support of the superior level of security offered by this kind of door we also fit them with Safeware security hardware and locks, which are fully accredited by the police’s Secure by Design scheme, and with the addition of 10 year guarantee on the lock, it makes this type of doors one of the best on the market.

High Quality Doors, Exceptional Customer Service

We have over 20 years experience in fitting and supplying windows , doors and conservatories , and employ strict quality controls to ensure that each product is as good as the last.